About Us

Snow Angels in Ecuador is the only 501 c 3, tax-exempt entity, based in the United States devoted to working within Ecuador. As one of many countries almost devoid of infrastructure to meet its population’s social service needs, Ecuador requires whatever assistance we can give.

The Snow Angels in Ecuador team sans Joel Munn. © Photo by Robert Bradley.

Snow Angels in Ecuador wants to bring our cause to the attention of generous and caring people in the United States (and abroad) and to provide them with an opportunity to contribute to a non-profit charitable organization that has chose to become a part of the solution to helping those people and families in most of need in Cuenca, Ecuador and the surrounding area. Our founder, Joel Munn, and our host of local and expat volunteers come from all swaths of life, with professional and personal backgrounds that includes working in the health professions, corporate and technology worlds. Keeping us focused as a team is our collective dedication to serving others to the best of our abilities.