Scenes from: Sevilla de Oro Canton

Description Originally going by the name “Chimbapan,” which was kept for some years, it was renamed “Curiloma,” which in Quechua means “Loma de Oro,” referring to its gold wealth. The …

“Snow Angels” Article in CuencaHighLife

For the past two years, Joel Munn, a retired ski instructor from Breckenridge, Colorado, has been working non-stop to make a difference in the lives of the poor people on the streets of Cuenca and surrounding communities. He is the founder of Snow Angels in Ecuador.

Scenes from Ecuador: El Cajas National Park

In this edition of, “Scenes from Ecuador,” we’re focusing on some of the locations, flora, and fauna of El Cajas National Park, which is about a 30-minute drive outside of Cuenca, Ecuador, where Snow Angels in Ecuador is located.

Moving towards the Minga

In the last two weeks, with your support, the Snow Angels in Ecuador in partnerships with Hearts of Gold, Cuenca Soup Kitchen, and councilwoman Marisol Peñaloza was able to deliver a number of items to several groups in Cuenca and in the greater Azuay area.

Your Dollars Doing Double Duty!

We present you with a win, win, win! a pig farmer was helped a driver got a pig a slaughterhouse and butcher were paid the 85 families we are committed …

Covid-19 Survival Packs

Covid-19 Survival Packs In cooperation with the Cuenca Soup Kitchen and Hearts of Gold, Snow Angels in Ecuador is working hard to do its part in addressing the needs of …