Scenes from Ecuador: El Cajas National Park

Scenes from Ecuador: El Cajas National Park

In this edition of, “Scenes from Ecuador,” we’re focusing on some of the locations, flora, and fauna of El Cajas National Park, which is about a 30-minute drive outside of Cuenca, Ecuador, where Snow Angels in Ecuador is located. The name “Cajas” is derived from the  Quichua word “cassa” meaning “gateway to the snowy mountains,” or “caxa” (Quichua: cold). It has also been linked to the Spanish word “cajas” (boxes). We hope you enjoy just a snapshot of this magical part of this part of Ecuador as much as we do.

The photos have been supplied by Mathias Serfling, an amateur photographer who has much of his work posted on Flickr. Access to his gallery and profile page are listed below.

Author: Mathias Serfling

Source: Flickr Album: Ecuador

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