Fundación NÚR

Volunteers of Fundación NUR assemble a food package for the families of their clients. They feel strongly that there is no point in teaching children if their is no food the the family to eat.

About Fundación NÚR

Fundación NÚR’s mission is to work with young children and adolescents and includes their families — single young mothers, young adults, and at risk adults. NÚR works tirelessly to equip these units with the necessary tools to develop individual and social capacities that allow them to take full responsibility for their lives and environment. Through comprehensive training activities, NÚR strives to improve their living conditions to develop their full potential, take an ongoing role in their lives, be the protagonists and dedicated agents of their change, and contribute responsibly to improving their community and society. Their vision is to contribute to our society’s improvement by helping and accompanying people in vulnerable and elusive situations to improve their lives, environment, and community.

Fundación NÚRA has their young clients gather daily for the “Shiny Gem” child education program.

Fundación NÚR Projects

With the program “Shiny Gem,” Nur focuses exclusively on vulnerable children of all ages. This curriculum works to “sow the seeds of peace, understanding, equality, awakening potentialities and teaching solidarity and respect.” Another important program is the “Renacer Project,” a comprehensive training program that helps young single mothers improve and transform their lives, break the cycle of inequality and gender violence, restore their rights, and contribute to society’s betterment. Finally, their continuous development offers its beneficiaries and the community educational programs that include: socio-labor training, personal growth, family orientation, and human values. All the programs have a transversal axis to promote an individual and collective conscience about fundamental principles and amounts ​​such as unity, solidarity, empathy, generosity, justice, truthfulness, equity, and honesty to contribute to the construction of a better society.

A group of young girls gather and work on their homework for the “Shiny Gem” project.

Family Support Plan

For more than 28 continuous weeks, Fundación NUR has been supporting a small group of struggling families (70+ people in total) living on the outskirts of society. That is so they can endure the quarantine without money, without work, and without government aid. Early during the Covid-19 pandemic, Fundacion NUR decided that today’s priority is the ongoing food emergency. Vast sectors of the Cuenca population still face hunger daily, as unemployment and related issues are escalating. While their other projects are dear to them, “Plan Apoyo Familiar Solidario” has taken precedence to work in new ways that perhaps they initially may not have intended. Working with other programs like Snow Angels is just one of these new activities as we learn to work together to attain our common goals – helping those our neediest living in the community we share.

The food kits for program beneficiaries contains the necessary food supplies for a typical family, for one week. “We are attempting to avoid hunger and desperation.”

The Problem

One of the common trends we’ve experienced while working with many of our clients is that there comes the point when merely feeding them is not enough. Needs that include primary medical, mental, dental, and pediatric service are sometimes tricky, if not impossible, to ascertain. Especially for those who may live outside of the Cuenca city limits, it’s often a costly trip that sometimes not possible, yet a wise person once said that you have nothing without your health.

As part of the Family Support Plan, families for the last 28+ weeks have been receiving food packages that supply some of Cuenca’s most needy families due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The Solution

The solution has frankly been that both organizations have realized that not only do we share a lot of similar goals and intentions for the people we are trying to help, we also learned that we are both trying to reach the same people. We realized the Fundacion NUR was also a great candidate to offer these services directly to their clients. Because of this new collaboration, we are beginning to see how this may come together, but we are already committed to standing by using several means to help as best we can.

Related Projects

Give Refugees a Chance (GRACE)

GRAACE also offers pediatric services for families with little ones to take care of.

GRACE exists to help refugees get on their feet. To do this, they have tailored their help to the individual needs of each refugee or family. Along with medical and legal services, they have helped with school uniforms, bringing loved ones out of Venezuela, providing household items, food, clothing, and getting small family businesses started. Most importantly, GRACE offers a range of medical, mental, dental, and pediatric services for our and our partners, covering what we see as a fundamental right for our ever expanding list of people and families.

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