Judith Porter

Judith Porter, volunteer (USA)
Judith P., volunteer (USA). © Photo by Robert Bradley

“I moved to Cuenca from Portland, Oregon in July of 2015. I’ve grown to love this country and its people. They have greeted me with openness, hospitality and kindness. It has always been my thought that it is our responsibility, as members of any community, to give back when and how we can. With this in mind, I have chosen to help with the Food Outreach Program. I enjoy greeting the locals and mingling with them. I hand them a sack lunch and in return I get a smile, a greeting, perhaps a handshake. It’s a simple exchange, but it’s two people from different walks of life making a connection. In life I feel that this is important. We both feel better, if only for a moment.”

Judith Porter. January 10th, 2020