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Snow Angels in Ecuador identifies the neediest disabled and older adults living on the streets of the city and some small pueblos outside Cuenca, Ecuador. We keep the communities we choose relatively small, usually 18-35 people. These smaller numbers allow us to work closely with the people, follow their progress, and use our resources efficiently.

Mother and son receiving food assistance from our daily Food Outreach Program, which is one of several services provided by Snow Angels in Ecuador .
Mother and son receiving food assistance from our daily Food Outreach Program outside the doors of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cuenca, Ecuador. © Photo by Robert Bradley.

Our Three Programs 

Snow Angels in Ecuador has been working with the poor within Ecuador for four years now.  We have learned that we must be versatile and flexible in our processes and with the groups we choose to work with. Covid-19 has certainly re-enforced our logistics.  At present, we are working with three communities:

  •  The Cathedral Program: The disabled and elderly people are left to beg daily in the “Centro” area of the city, particularly on the streets surrounding the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. We provide these people with weekly supplies of food, some minor medical and dental care (including dentures), and prosthetics in the case of three of our clients.  We have lifted three people from their wheelchairs, and they are now walking.  We are also working hard on providing heal care needs for our clients including prosthetics, dental care and hearing aids. We are doing our best to provide what the poor in Cuenca would never expect to be provided. Learn More
  • Fundación Social Vida Y Esperanza: Seville de Oro is a small pueblo about 80 minutes from Cuenca. For economic and cultural issues, and because of Covid-19, 33 significantly older adults within this small town live all alone.  We provide these people with scheduled visits and food and personal hygiene supplies on a bi-weekly basis. With Fundación Social Vida Y Esperanza, we are now assisting with the physical therapy of some 45 disabled people in the village. We are assisting with the care and helping provide a small meal when the care is provided. Learn More
  • Fundación NUR: In our collaborative relationship with Fundación NUR, the primary effort is to provide education for children on personal hygiene, prenatal learning for Venezuelan and Ecuadorian couples, family building skills, and preventative items needed for domestic violence and incestual problems. Additionally, we have provided funds and help from our IT volunteer to help build a website for the Fundación to help them solicit funding and allow them to communicate within the communities we are assisting. We also help NUR finance lunch, after-school, and clothing assistance programs. Our efforts here help approximately 75 families, positively affecting 300 adults and children. Learn More

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